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Sharon Green-Briscoe

Sharon Green-Briscoe

Dedicated Telehealth Team-Covers the entire state of Maryland
Certified Associate Counselor -Alcohol and Drug (CAC-AD)
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I am a Certified Associate Counselor - Alcohol and Drug (CAC-AD).

Often, we carry around the mental and emotional weight of issues in our relationships, past experiences, traumas, or day-to-day stressors. After a while, this heaviness can begin to affect other areas of your life and often manifests as depression, anxiety, or abuse of alcohol and illicit drugs. I have worked in the behavioral health field for over 17 years, including work with clients who are dually diagnosed with substance use and mental health disorders. I have extensive experience working with clients in correctional facility, inpatient, and outpatient treatment settings where the behaviors were associated with ongoing abuse/misuse of alcohol or illicit drugs. Substance abuse is not a problem, it’s a symptom. Many of us carry a deep pain within; often it is hidden by the abuse of alcohol and illicit drugs. What looks like selfish or harmful behavior is just a person’s best effort at hiding the pain within.

My area of specialties is addiction, anxiety, depression, codependency, domestic violence, anger management, antisocial personality, behavioral issues, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, substance abuse, and PTSD. I work with teenagers, adults, veterans, and seniors alike.

I am a Certificated Addiction Counselor. I obtained my Master of Science degree in Counseling from Johns Hopkins University in 2012. My work is guided by my belief that counseling is a collaborative effort based on trust. I used various methods to tailor an approach for each client, including Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Existential, Mindfulness-based (MBCT), Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Brief (SFBT), and Person-Centered treatment approaches. My experience, education, and client-centered approach guide me in being a therapist who is comfortable with counseling diverse groups of people.

I am ready to support you on your journey to embrace change.  Together, we can explore your strengths to inspire growth and change.  You can heal and recover.