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Ella Deaver

Ella Deaver

Dedicated Team-Covers the entire state of North Carolina
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

Hi there! So glad that you’re here- seeking therapy is a courageous and rewarding decision. We all
deserve and need extra support sometimes and therapy is a great tool for growth, learning, exploration
and healing. All humans have the power to grow and find the answers within. My job is to help my
clients along the way, using their innate strengths, facing their challenges

I’m Ella Deaver and I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Licensed Clinical Addiction
Specialist (LCAS). I’ve been a Social Worker since 1998 and a Therapist since 2019. I grew up in an Army
family so I have a heart for Military members, Veterans and their family members. My experience also
includes working in the Addiction recovery community, people facing Anxiety and Depression, Life
Transitions and those wanting to work through and heal from their Trauma. Most often, I use the
therapy frameworks of Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Motivational
Interviewing, Mindfulness Stress Reduction and EMDR.

I love travel and photography- which go together nicely- and use them often as part of my own self-care.
When I’m not working, I’m out with my camera, planning my next trip or out exploring this beautiful
planet we call home.