Episode 3: Terry Trueblood, The Mindset of the Police Officer

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We are excited to welcome Terry Trueblood to the Therapy Café® Podcast. Terry is a 30-year police veteran, with a background as a chief diver in an undercover water investigation unit, medic, certified trainer, and an accomplished author of law enforcement training materials.

Join us for a lively conversation with Terry as he tells it like it is and gives us a first-hand view of the life of a law enforcement officer. What Terry so candidly describes is the mental mindset, training, and personality characteristics of the police officer, the societal pressures and interpersonal dynamics that impact upon them, and what they experience on the job. This information can be helpful when working with law enforcement in the mental health setting and understanding the different stresses and challenges they face.

If you’re a cop, that’s an identity.  When you retire, you lose your identity to some degree, but you’re still a cop in your head, and you always will be until they put you in your grave


Fraternal Order of Police


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 Terry Trueblood, The Mindset of the Police Officer

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